Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday {#ABCsofTeaching, Periscope, and More}

Happy Fri-YAY! Once again joining the adorable Kacey from, Doodle Bugs Teaching, for this week's five for FRIDAY!

I was really looking at my store this week and a little embarrassed when I sorted my store by 'most recent' and went to the end of the list! Let's just say we were a little blank, boring, and not so professional looking. That is NOT what I want people to associate me with and that is why I am on an update mission! 

Available {HERE}

Available {HERE}


The Photo a Day Challenge #ABCSofTeaching is AMAZING!! I love meeting so many great teachers and their viewpoints! (See what I did there?)

I'm even getting benefits from it... the Mr. had no problem stopping to grab some props for my photos!! 

Follow Me {HERE}
and join the fun!

Okay so I jumped on the Periscope bandwagon and I'm so glad I did! I love learning everyone's actual personality!!! I think I'm going to go live sometime soon, but when and what will I talk about??? EEEEEK! Find me @MrsStanford724!

Can you believe it's been two years since I posted this little hashtag??? Who knew!!!

and lastly, the fourth! I love me some fireworks and a cookout! Enough said! 'merica!


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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

It's the first of the month and that means...
I'm joining Farley for her currently link up!


Those blocks! She loves them. She loves to carry them around. She loves to bang them into everything. EEEEEEEK! At least it's better than her grinding her 3 teeth together. UGH!


All of the instagramers that already linked up for the #photoaday challenge using the hashtag #ABCsofTeaching! I love getting to know other educators and their world!

Check out a few here:


July. That's all I have to say about that. WOW!


To restart summer break! It's crazy how fast it goes! And have I mentioned all the rain?! What the WHAT! It's raining. and raining. and raining! I don't live in the rainforest!


Need I explain more?? Just close your eyes... imagine a tropical sunset, cool crisp water, and the taste  of pineapple on your lips. Oh wait, I'm in the middle of this Ohio mud pit. Forget it. humphhhhh!


When it comes to catching things on film (hahaha film) I'm an All-Star! That's what happens when your camera or phone is constantly in your hand and pointed at something, right???
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