Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is it already MARCH!?

I'm joining Farley for her March currently!!

So how loud must the tv be for a man to hear it?!?!

Although I love the snow... enough is enough already! The snow and cold have had  their days, now I would like spring to come. Thank you very much mother nature!

I can't believe it's March already!! But part of that may be partially due to....

Having so much fun watching this girl grow up! But can't time slow down? I mean she's already trying to be independent. I know everyone tells you how fast it really goes, but I mean REALLY!?!

I'm totally needing an extra day in my weeks lately. Or maybe a clone would be acceptable. I need one person just to get all the odds and ends jobs done, and the other to enjoy life lol

-Spring Break-
Ours is at the end of the month and I'm a planner, but with that being said... I HAVE NO PLAN! It kinda feels great! 

The only plan I have is to plan out some blogs... mainly my weekly posts for hump day highlight! Anyone interested in joining me on Wednesdays to highlight what they are up to in their classroom or in their office creating?!

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Martha Carter said...

I have the same problem with my hubby and his t.v. volume. Your little girl is totally cute and I can also use an extra day but, it would have to be an extra day off to get things accomplished.

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Miss Lifesaver said...

I'm totally with you about needing an extra day in my weekend. I always waste one cleaning and prepping for the week ahead, and then it goes by so fast!

Jayme said...

That's too funny about your husband listening to the television so loud because I do the same thing! My husband is convinced I can only listen to the TV on the highest volume possible. I guess I just like the background noise?! Your daughter is precious, enjoy these sweet moments!

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suzcraig said...

I love that you put a picture of your sweet little girl! She is adorable!
Suzanne @Kindergarten Planet