Thursday, January 8, 2015

Teacher Linky Fanatic

By a show of hands who liked the first Hump Day Highlight Linky?? It definitely was fun hoppin' around to some new blogs to get some great ideas! {If you didn't link up be sure to! Each linky will be open for a week. Just be sure to use the icon and link to my post so others can find you!}

My linky really got me thinking about other teacher blogs, linkies, and becoming more routined in what I blog about. That lead me to think that maybe some of you are looking for a little more routine too. 

After asking around this is what I have found:

 withFourth Grade Frolics







{none that I found}



with TBA


{none that I found}



 with Teaching Trio


Currently on the 1st of every month with 

The first Wednesday of every month
 with  Teaching Trio
The first Wednesday of every month

The second Sunday of every month 

Well there's what I've found. I can't wait to link up with some amazing teachers!
Do you know of any others??
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1 comment :

Andrea Crawford said...

I saw you have nothing on Thursday for linkies. I know of two that happen each Thursday. I have been doing a Book Talk Thursday for a couple of years. Every once in a while, I open it up for a linky. I am going to do it as a linky for 2015. The link will be open for a month at a time.

Also a friend of mine at Comprehension Connection has a linky called Thematic Thursday. I think the link is open for a week at a time.

Thought I would pass those on to you. And thanks for sharing all of the fun linky opportunities.

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