Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sunday Scoop

I'm back on a Sunday to share my Sunday Scoop!

Throw in some laundry?! Where does it all come from? I swear every time I turn around something else needs to be washed. I really don't mind the whole sorting and throwing it in, but can't it dry, fold, and put away itself?

Grab something to eat! Is it noon already?! I guess I'll be having brunch haha. When you have a 3 month old sometimes you forget to eat or can't find the time is more like it. What am I say? She's an easy baby!

Play with my sweetie. While we are on the subject of my little girl, I need to play with her a ton today! Heading back after winter break was harder than I thought it would be. They grow so fast!!!


Schedule out this week's blog posts. I'm on it. I have my plan. Now just to execute the plan ekkkkkkk!

Take a bunch of pictures to spruce up my blog. I love taking pictures and sharing them, so why not do it more here?? Instagram is my favorite, but that doesn't mean that my photo sharing has to stop there, right?!

STAY INSIDE! MUSTTTTTTT STAY INSIDE!!! It's just too darn cold! Well that makes it easier to accomplish the first 5 things on my list huh???


Jennifer Jasewicz said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Mine is now 14 months. It is crazy how fast they grow. Managing my time is now harder than ever. I have been neglecting my poor old blog lately. Enjoy your Sunday!

Elementary School Garden

Pixie Anne said...

Good luck with your blog related plans this week and enjoy your time with your little girl!
Growing Little Learners

Stephanie said...

Your daughter is adorable! My daughter just turned 1, and I can't believe how fast time is flying! Treasure all those little fun times (and look forward to playing tea party - that's my favorite thing to play with Delaney right now:))
Good luck with scheduling blog posts - I should really start doing that too:)

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Techie Turtle Teacher said...

Your daughter is so cute! Enjoy your time with her! I love planning out all my blog posts too. Good luck getting it all done!

Techie Turtle Teacher

Positively Learning said...

I ♥ seeing all of your pics! My list also includes taking more pictures and staying warm! Once upon a time, I was able to schedule posts, but not this year! Good luck! Jen