Sunday, April 28, 2013

Instagram Craze and #TeacherTalkTuesday

All of you that have been following me through my crazy blogging journey know that I'm a techy girl. That being said, I need to get back into the Instagram thing! Back when it came out I opened an account, took a few pics, and that's where it ended. I've needed a push since then and I think I just found it!!!

My bestie Michelle from Apples and ABC's is partnering with What the Teacher Wants for an Instagram first! #teachertalktuesdays where teachers post pictures with the hashtag to join in on the fun!!

Come follow me and join the crowd!!!

Come follow me @MrsStanford724

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Kimberlee :) said...

Love this idea.. thanks for sharing. I try to instagram at least once a week... I then connect that to twitter & then on FB (when I had it) - made it so much easier.

~ Kimberlee ~
iTeach 5th

Ashley Sanderson said...

Aren't they geniuses?! Love instagram! I'm your newest instagram follower.

Flying High in First Grade

Teaching with TWitte said...

I'm so excited to be following so many amazing teachers on Instagram now! I love it! I'm your newest Instagram follower!


Rachelle said...

TIME! OUT! How was I not following you already on Instagram! #epicfail

Thank you so much for linking up!!!!!!!

Michelle Griffo said...

:) love you!
Apples and ABC's

Sandra Farrell said...

Found you through the instagram linky. I checked out your instagram and there's some awesome stuff there. I'm your newest follower.



johnparker27 said...

I like your blog which has nice pics and awesome concept. I like to use instagram daily. It's one of my hobby.

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♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree ♥ said...

Loving your techy tutorials. Thank you so much!

♡ Lori

♥ Owl in a Vowel Tree Blog ♥

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