Sunday, November 18, 2012

Saving PowerPoint Files to PDF

Recently I can across a slight issue with my files that I just couldn't figure out. Being a techy girl I thought I was going to rip my hair out trying to fix something that was so easy! Now I don't feel so bad because a few other TpT teachers are having the same issue so I don't feel alone :) 

If you are a TpT creator (you aren't?!? Click here to sign up)  you know that PDF's become your best friends! But what do you do to get rid of that dreaded white border??? And how do you lock down those cutsie little images?? Look no further!

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If you missed it...
Learn how to create a TeachersPayTeachers product in PowerPoint
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~DeAnne~ said...

Good tutorial! Thanks for sharing! :)
First Grade and Fabulous

Chrissy said...

I signed up as a seller on TpT today, lol! Of course, I will pin your post :-).
Chrissy ReadWriteSing

Miss Kindergarten said...

OMG thank you!!!!!!!!

~brookeb~ said...

Great tip! And your voice is so cute - could listen to you all day.

Miss Squirrels said...

So helpful! Thank you

Sara said...

This is PERFECT. Thanks so much, Jessica!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Sara said...

This is PERFECT. Thanks so much, Jessica!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Holly said...

That's super helpful - can't wait to give it a try!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Amber said...

Does this work for PCs as well? or is there a tutorial for that somewhere? I couldn't find those options when I tried, but I would love to know!

Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students

Corinna said...

I would have never figured this out on my own!! Thank you :)) Now can you help me learn how to use my new Mac, lol!!

Surfin' Through Second

Kindergarten Kids At Play said...

Thank you for all of your techy things videos! I'm new to the blogging world and this has helped me so much. I'm also on my way to your TPT store to buy some of your fonts and backgrounds!

Kindergarten Kids At Play Blog

Rhiannon Jolliff said...

Pinned! Thanks so much for helping those of us who are just getting started... you are a fabulous mentor!

Sliding Into First

Grade School Giggles said...

Thank you for sharing the tutorial. I am pinning it to my technology board.
Grade School Giggles

Kelli said...

Thank you so much for this!

Tales From a Traveling Teacher

Teaching Fabulous Firsties! said...

Darn! I couldn't get it to work on my PC. :( Your method looks so easy, but I guess I need a Mac. Hmmm...maybe I NEED one on my Christmas list! :) Thanks for your help, Jessica!
Teaching Fabulous Firsties!
PS It is fun to hear your voice. :)

Tania said...

Awesome tutorials. On my way to find how to do this on a PC :)

Abby said...

Thank you for sharing your techy knowledge! :)

Angela Nerby said...

I followed your directions step by step , but I have a question/comment... I noticed that after I saved with the security option in place, when I reopened the PDF on my own computer and tried to save it, I was prompted to put in the password in order to save it. I would think that TPT buyers wouldn't be so happy if they purchased something but then couldn't save it to their computer. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your tutorials as I'm just getting into selling on TPT.
Angela :)
Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!
angelanerby (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachael said...

Hi and thank you so much for the video. I still have a couple of questions on saving as PDF. First in the powerpoint do you change the margins there as well as in the print menu? Second, I don't have the save as a PDF in my print menu. So do I just save as a PDF after changing my print options? I use a PC and not a Mac if that helps you answer.

tara thompson-ward said...

Thank you so much! This was super helpful! :)


Pam said...

Thanks for this awesome tutorial! I saw a different tutorial about locking graphics and fonts where you have to save the ppt file as images first and then combine them into a pdf file. Somehow the quality of the images would go down and things will look fuzzy which doesn't make my product look appealing anymore. This tutorial has definitely saved the day for me! So thank you again! :)

Diary of a First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Richardson said...

Mrs. Richardson's Class

Nancy Alvarez said...

Awesome tutorial, so helpful!

Nancy Alvarez said...

Awesome tutorial, so helpful!

Jacque said...

Thanks for your tutorial. It is going to help so many. I have started a link party to help bloggers advertise their TpT products, but I want to make sure that their products are all password protected. So I have shared your video on my link party, and hope that it is okay that I continue to share it with each link party that I host. I have given you credit for it, and also a link back your blog. Thanks again for all of the help!!!!


Ms. W said...

Oh my goodness! I just realized that none of my TpT files were "secure" and I was having a freak-out moment. I thought I was going to have to shell out some major cash to fix them, but your tutorial has saved the day! Seriously! Thank you!!!

Jen Cullen//Sparkling in Second said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I figured out how to secure it, but couldn't figure out the white border ugliness! YOU are my hero :)

Susan said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I haven't yet posted any products to TpT but hope to in the near future. I was wondering how to make pdf files secure. I can now cross this off my list. Your video was extremely easy to follow. Thanks so much!


Miss Peden said...

This was SUPER helpful! Thank you SO SO SO very much!