Saturday, November 3, 2012

Freebies and More Excitement!

Thanks to all of those that have followed me on FB! I hope you loved all the freebies today :) I have been super productive and it's made up for my lack of creation and posts in the past months!

If you for some CRAZY reason don't have a TeachersPayTeachers sign up ASAP!! Something really special is happening in the AM and I don't want you to miss out ;) It's FREE, so why wouldn't ya?

Lastly, remember how I said I was bringing you on the agonizing journey with me? Well the hubs wouldn't let me post a pic yesterday! He told me I was silly for wanting a pic a day. Sooooo I begged for every other day... and we will see if that's allowed, but for now here is day #3....
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