Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ohhhh Frankenstorm!

So I am currently 'lounging' on my hurricane day here in northern Ohio... yep you heard that right! Strangely enough I've always told my husband that Ohio is the best place to live... no hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes... for the most part at least and now look!

It's storms like this that put things into perspective! We really are so small!
Praying for all of those in Sandy's path!

On a lighter note.....
With my spare time I created more pappppppppers!! 114 Chevron Rainbow this time :)

I'm gonna keep them free for y'all to download until midnight! I'd love some love if ya download :)

and as requested my handwriting!
Also free for now :)

and just one more...
Also free for now :)

Once again if you download... leave me some loooooooooove on TpT :)
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Lindsey said...

Leaving you some love.
Thanks for the great fonts and I heart the chevron papers.

Katie and Michele said...

Going to download them now...leaving you lots of love! Thanks!!!

XOXO Katie

Sarah Hankinson said...

Thanks for sharing! Love all of them!

Love Cleveland weather, too! But, Virginia weather is even better! :)

Learning is for Superstars

Mrs. Goodwin said...

Love your fonts and paper. I tried to download the fonts and it said link was broken!


Jen said...

These are spectacular!! :)

Jen's Kinder Kids

RealOCteachers said...

Love the font!

The REAL Teachers of Orange County

Mrs. D said...

I'm also in Northeast Ohio and enjoyed my "Hurricane Day" as well. Who would've ever thought we'd be able to say that? :)

Thanks for the freebies! They are super cute!

Mrs. D's Firsties

Inside this Book said...

Thanks for the freebies!! I love to use them in my weekly newsletters to the parents; so these are perfect for those 'everyday' weeks when nothing special is going on; these backgrounds make even the dullest week brighter!

I'm a fellow Cleveland teacher (east side), but I haven't been nearly so productive with my day! Unless shopping and a nap are considered productive! :)

Tina said...

Thanks sooo much for the adorable papers!! I am your newest follower and and Kinder Lover too! 13 years and going stong!

Thanks a ton!


Mary said...

Thank you so much for using your day off to create papers for us! I had a 2 hour delay, because of the storm (northwest Ohio).

Teaching Special Kids

Laura Simons said...

Thanks for all this great free stuff! You rock. :-)

Lisa R. said...

Love it ALL!! Thank you so much!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jeannine said...

Thank you Jessica! These are super cute! Wicked winds in Michigan last night but no hurricane day for us!:( Love your post title!

Creative Lesson Cafe

Karyn said...

Jessica thanks so much! I love the papers and your handwriting font is so awesome! It's so nice of you to share! :o)

A is for Apple B is for Blog

Ms. D said...

Thanks so much for sharing your hard work!

The Eagle's Nest

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Second Grade Smartypants said...

These are adorable and so are the other papers you did! I keep missing the deadline for the freebies! Apparently my twins don't want me to be on the computer! :) I will have to put them on my wishlist!
Lisen :)
Second Grade Smartypants

Jo said...

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I am a primary school teacher in a private college and this is my third year of teaching. Since last year I discovered many blogs like yours through “Pinterest”.
I implemented some of your ideas and I am fascinated by your creativity, cooperation in classroom, independence and autonomy that you give to the children.
I’d tried to do many things similar to yours but they were not always well accepted by my director and coordinator, because innovation makes a difference, and in making a difference insecurity is more than often created!
I wonder if there’s any possibility to do an internship in your school, to learn and see, in practice, what I visualize in your blogs.
I’d love to get an international experience for about one or two years in your country.
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My e-mail is: joana_mbarbosa@hotmail.com, and I trust that you will be able to assist me in improving my educational skills. If it is necessary to give my contact to another person, please feel free to do so.
With my best regards,
Joana Fernandes